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Free Flight Pilot Simulator


A first for the Android Store with it’s new art style, HUGE environment, multiplayer stunt mode, option to record and share your flights/stunts. Flight Pilot is truly epic!AMAZING AND ENTERTAINING LEVELS!
From Formation Flights in the Blue Arrows, Delivering passengers and cargo in airliners, to Air Refueling in the Vulcanus Bomber.
Our unique art style and programming enabled the creation one of the largest environments seen on mobile and tablet devices to date. Explore vast canyons, mountain ranges, huge individual mountains, volcanos, bays, farms, seaside towns, floating islands and much more.
Crop dusters - Stealth Fighters - Vulcanus Bombers - Racing Planes - Blue Arrow Formation Jets - Giant Cargo Planes - Airliners - Seaplanes - Passenger Aircraft, you name it, we’ve made it!
+Take flight over the landscape, swoop down over farms and spray crops+Be a hero and search for missing mountain climbers, downed airplanes and more+Take on your friends in stunt mode and record your awesome gameplay+Prove your worth as the top racing pilot+Dog fight through vast canyons swooping and dodging bullets+Deliver supplies to scientists near Thunder, the not so dormant volcano!+Take passengers and supplies to and from the stunning floating island with waterfall+Drop cargo and “special deliveries” (bombs) in exciting raids on enemy targets+Delivery fish, goods, anything you can imagine+Show your skills blasting past trees, buildings and go flying through subway stations, turbines and under bridges
Please note that multiplayer mode is an option that requires a good Wifi connection and a device with decent processing power. Gameplay can be recorded via Everyplay and shared on social media or privately between friends and family. This app contains in-app purchases that cost real money, push notifications and adverts for Aceviral and third parties.